The following is the set pricing to upload information and your IP on the blockchain as well as to buy and sell digital assets / data via PMES.

It’s free to register on PMES.  To understand the pricing, you must understand the two user roles and subsequent actions in the PMES:


  • Upload digital assets to the blockchain.
  • Sell your data and assets via the PMES wallet.
  • View library of your blockchain informational products.
  • Complete privacy control.


  • View all blockchain assets from all users.
  • Search for digital assets via category.
  • Purchase data and assets via the PMES wallet.
  • Leave reviews after a purchase.

All transactions using PUT give you a 30% DISCOUNT.

SPECIAL FREE OFFER:  Upload Your IP and Other Digital Assets to the Blockchain for FREE.



Upload on Blockchain (Get a 30% Discount when you pay with PUT)

Upload on Blockchain (QTUM)

Buyer's Fee (Gas fee - 30% Discount when you pay in PUT)

Buyer's Fee (Gas fee)